Shannon Luders-Manuel

Critical Mixed Race Scholar and Writer

Hollywood, California

Shannon Luders-Manuel

I am a Masters graduate and freelance writer living in Los Angeles. My primary focus is on issues related to race, representation and equality. I provide high quality content in many forms, including academic, op-ed, personal essay, and profiles. I also work as a freelance editor, content editor, and content writer for individual and corporate clients.


My Grandmother’s Story Is Ending as Mine Begins

My grandmother knew she’d succumb to dementia long before she began to lose her memory, as her two older sisters had shared the same fate before they died. She fought against time to write her life story, but she will never see her dream realized. My grandfather, who died before I was born, knew there was something special about her.
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Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide: Educators' Guide

Being Biracial: Educators’ Guide now brings the topic to the classroom in a bold examination of race, including considered portraits of current figures from the multiracial community and a section of questions relating directly to the essays within the original book, with ample space for note-taking. Students are encouraged to re-examine these issues in new and thought-provoking ways, giving all aspects of the subject some vital air time at a key point in their academic development.
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Captive America: Smart, Rowlandson and the Colonial Sentiment

In 1682, Mary Rowlandson published The Sovereignty and Goodness of God, which documented her kidnapping by neighboring Native Americans in New England. Over three centuries later in 2003, Ed and Lois Smart published their own captivity narrative about the kidnapping of their daughter Elizabeth Smart in Salt Lake City by a homeless religious zealot.
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Meet Gabrielle Gorman: Filmmaker and YoungArts Winner

Earlier this year, Gabrielle Gorman was named one of only seven U.S. filmmakers to be selected as a YoungArts winner, one of the most prestigious awards in the country. Her experimental film Dear America hauntingly touches on body image and race through the medium of improvised narration. Toward the beginning of the film, she intimately tells the viewer, “I remember thinking about cutting all of my skin off, in hopes that the skin that would grow would be pale skin.”.
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Cosmopolis Toronto: 195 Countries in One Backyard

A collaboration between Link TV and TAL, "Big Cities" showcases community-driven solutions for global urban challenges. Watch this and many other stories in our full episodes on "Big Cities," exclusively on Link TV. While touring with a famous Cuban band through Japan in 2008, a Cuban government official threatened Yosvani with punishment for casually mentioning the negative impact of Hurricane Gustav on his grandmother's home.
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What it Means to be Mixed Race During the Fight for Black Lives

When I talk about my family culture, I’m mixed. When I talk about racism, I’m black. When Trayvon Martin was shot for wearing a hoodie, I was black. When Eric Garner was choked to death for selling cigarettes on the street, I was black. When Sandra Bland was arrested for failing to turn on her blinker, I was black.
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My White Childhood Best Friend Was Forbidden to See Me — Until She Found Me 29 Years Later

In sixth grade, my best friend Brandy had the haphazard look of someone whose parents paid as little attention to their children as possible. I, in a similar fashion, had a bushy afro that didn’t know where it belonged. Our school, which had just begun bussing, reflected the tense racial reality that would soon infiltrate our friendship.
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How The "Fag Hag" Went From Hated to Celebrated | JSTOR Daily

At its core, the relationship between single women and gay men has longstanding historical roots.
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Life after death: how loved ones live on in a digital age

The technician at the AV Transfer House in Hollywood tested the video I handed him. I watched from the other side of the counter. It had taken me years to bring in the VHS of my dad’s news segment about elderly men on hospice facing their mortality. My dad wasn’t the newscaster; he was one of the patients.
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Race and Labor in the 1863 New York City Draft Riots

An enormous historical event that shaped New York City is not much spoken of today. In July 1863, about 1,200 to 1,500 men, mostly Irish dockworkers, rioted against the Civil War draft in New York City in a four-day upheaval, targeting black workers and citizens.
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On Reconciliation With an Alcoholic Parent

Four adult children weigh in on what mended their relationship with their alcoholic parents—or why it was past repair. For many parents who struggle with addiction, getting sober is only half the battle. Children often become “young soldiers” in an effort to protect themselves and those they love, including the parent. Link to Story

A Brief History Of Behind-The-Scenes Activism With A Big Impact

History has not always been made by those who are so visible.
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Shannon Luders-Manuel

I work as a critical mixed race scholar and writer, through both academic and creative publications. With a background in such diverse areas as rhetoric, linguistics and creative writing, my work encapsulates a variety of writing styles, and my interests are likewise varied.

I was named Southern Oregon University's best graduate of the past 10 years by the college's linguistics professor. I then went on to receive my Masters in English Literature, where I produced an 80+ page thesis on the "tragic mulatta" genre. I have a scholarly publication in Vanderbilt University's online journal AmeriQuests, and I presented my SOU capstone paper on dictionary history at the Southeastern Conference on Linguistics.

In 2014, I was a featured writer at the Mixed Remixed Festival in Los Angeles for an in-progress memoir about taking care of my father at the end of life. In June 2016, my commissioned book "Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide: Educators' Guide" was published to accompany an anthology of the same name, published in 2015. I have also had the honor of writing profiles about Olympic open-water swimmer Lynne Cox and YoungArts winner and filmmaker Gabrielle Gorman.

I am passionate about using language to bridge divides between races and cultures and to connect with others on a personal level.



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